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DNS abuse is a growing issue, with increased scrutiny at Government levels.

Our Managed Abuse service is relied on by a number of TLDs to ensure they comply with their internal and industry-led policies.


How We Can Help

Your abuse cases will be managed by our experienced Security and Policy experts. And followed up by comprehensive reporting, so you are fully informed at every step.


How does it work?

Our experienced Security and Policy Experts assess abuse cases on the client's behalf, investigate, and take appropriate actions according to agreed-upon procedures. Then follow up the case until the case is concluded.


We monitor the TLD for reported cases of abuse such as spam, phishing, malware and more.


Each case is assessed based on the reported abuse and threat intelligence source(s).


Based on the assessment, we investigate further to confirm abuse, ensuring a low false-positive rate.


When abuse is confirmed, we act in accordance with your internal policies and procedures to mitgate the threat.


Each stage is documented and enriched with evidence, to provide a full audit trail.

Documented At Every Stage

Documentation and audit trails are key. Every step is recorded for review and reporting purposes, to ensure compliance with external parties (ie. ICANN, Governments). Reports are provided at the end of each month and any ICANN reports are provided in a Spec 113b compliant format.

Audit Trails
Monthly Reports
ICANN Compliant Reports

What Does It Cost?

Relative to lost internal time, resources, and focus on your core business, letting iQ manage all or a portion your DNS abuse cases cost less than you think. We will analyze your current abuse situation for free and provide an estimate. Customers can also nominate a maximum to spend per month.

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